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We a Marketing Company.
We'll help you increase Sales!
We'll help you cut overheads!

Fast Food Finders

Our Mission

As a Marketing Company, our goals are to help our clients to realise their potential when it comes to increasing sales and revenue and by cutting their overheads, to give them a higher net profit margin.

Creative marketing strategies capture your audience. It draws & keeps their attention on your products & offers. If you use the exact same strategy & tactics as your competitors, you’ll get lost in the crowd.

We're here to help you achieve those strategies.

Our Purpose

  • Increase Brand Awareness

  • Generate Leads

  • Acquire / Increase New Customers

  • Increase Website Traffic

  • Generate Higher Social Media Awareness

  • Increase Customer Value

  • Boost Brand Engagement

  • Increase Revenue

  • Cut Overheads

  • Establish Industry Authority Against Your Competitors

Fast Food Finders
Fast Food Finders

Our Story

We're a Marketing Company (NOT a Food Portal Company). Our industry expertise is within Hospitality. Our company is Irish owned and was started by our Irish director in 2015 in Asia.

We work closely with Restaurants, Gastro Pubs & Hotels in South East Asia across countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam & Singapore and in Ireland since 2018 and recently rebranded part of our company in Ireland as Fast Food Finders.

After a visit to his local Italian chipper when home in Ireland at Christmas in 2017, our CEO had a conversation with the owner who was complaining about paying high commissions to aggregators, so a COMMISSION FREE solution was found for his business within 2 months and their business enjoyed earning revenue without paying commission.

As a result, word of mouth helped our business evolve to help restaurants in Ireland earn COMMISSION FREE sales.

Now, we've rebranded as Fast Food Finders.


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