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All you need for marketing & promotions 
  • Get your customers to order more often

  • Increase sales

  • Build loyalty

  • Give customer rewards

Fast Food Finders
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Rewards & loyalty program

Build your own loyalty program to entice your customers to order more often.

Customers are more willing to order from your restaurant if you have a good rewards program.

Buy 10 meals - get your 11th FREE

Points for cash discounts

fast Food Finders
Fast Food Finders
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Push notifications, emails & texts

Stay in contact with your customers to inform them of any new offers & promotions.

The marketing suite on your system allows you to communicate via email, push notifications & texts.

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Discount coupons

Your system allows you to create discount coupons

to reward your loyal customers or to encourage your customers to place orders.

Increase sales in a short period of time by creating a discount coupon.

Fast Food Finder Marketing
Fast Food Finders
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Up-selling & cross-selling

Restaurant staff are trained to up-sell when taking an order from a customer where they can recommend additional items & dishes.

You online system can do the same, where recommendations pop up during the order process & the check out process.

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Automated marketing

Automated marketing is simple to set up.

Set up an automated email to customers who haven't ordered for some time.

Remind them of your offers or offer them a discount coupon for their next order.

Fast Food Finders
Fast Food Finders
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Customer feedback

Your online ordering system allows your customers to give feedback to your restaurant.

Respond to your customer's reviews & comments.

Your restaurant can allow customer reviews to be made public for all customers to see or you can keep your customer reviews private.

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