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Google Business Profile

The importance of having a good Google Business Profile

Not every one of your customers will know your website domain name, so they will search for your restaurant business online or they may just search for what's know in Search Engine Optimisation as Keywords, such as "the best chipper in Galway".

When a customer searches for your business name, Google will present them with your Google Business Profile that will show your customers a synopsis of your business location, opening hours, images, review rating and quick links to locate you on Google Maps, call your restaurant directly from your profile and order food via the order link that will redirect customers to your website.

Other potential customers are not necessarily looking for your restaurant in particular and will search for a keyword such as "best pizza in my area". You want and need your Google Business Profile to be pushed by Google ahead of any other competitor restaurants that sell pizza, so it is vital that you update your Google Business Profile with images, offers and any other information that is relevant you your business and your potential customers. Google love when you engage on their platform and this helps with the ranking of your website on their search engine. Unlike posting on Facebook, one post per week is enough. Even post a special of the week or update your image gallery with new food images.

Your Google Business Profile is also a simple way to keep track of your website visitors and how may hits your website receives on a weekly and monthly basis.

Google will give you Insights that are simple and easy to understand with no need for you to be an analytical expert. Make sure you take a visit to your Google Business Profile at least once per week to key an eye on customer reviews and to simply add a post or an update. Engaging with your Google Business Profile will certainly help your website to rank higher over your competitors, especially aggregators like food portal companies who pay Google to rank higher than you.

It is important to keep your Google Business Profile updated to rank entice more customers to order from your restaurant.


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