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The Alternative To Paying Commission On Your Food Orders

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

STOP paying HIGH Commissions on your food orders!

Energy costs have risen in Ireland since March 2022, with another big increase coming into effect from the 01st October 2022. So how can you adjust your overheads? By stopping the use of high commission food portal companies!

Many restaurants in Ireland started using food portals companies such as Just Eat because they had no online presence in the form of a website or an app and solely relied on social media platforms such as Facebook to try to reach out to their customers. A lot of restaurants thought the use of social media platforms was easy but then discovered they weren't getting their message across to their customers, so they abandoned their efforts because they hadn't a clue what they were doing or just simply didn't have the time and ended up in contracts with HIGH COMMISSION charging food portal companies.

Let's take an example of the average local Italian Chipper whose average order is €22 per customer order and they take 180 orders per week on a Commission Charging Food App that gives them an average turnover of €3960 per week. Now take 14% Commission from your hard earned income of €3960, giving a total commission payment of €554.40. Now add 23% VAT on €554.40 = €681.91 and then add 0.50c service fee on 180 orders = €90. This comes to a WHOPPING total of €771.91 paid in commissions giving the restaurant business a Nett weekly turnover of €3188.09 that is paid to the company bank account 1 week later! So let's say the average weekly commission paid by the restaurant is rounded off at €800 per week and multiply this by 52 weeks of the year, this comes to a WHOPPING overhead of €41600 per year!! Is this happening to your restaurant business? Is your restaurant business paying even more than this in commissions?

So What's The Alternative?

Own your own branded website & app and take all your online orders COMMISSION FREE with your customer's online payments being paid directly from your website & app directly to your bank account on a daily basis without the need to have to wait 1 week to get paid.

You own your app and your branded app will appear on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store under you own business name. You can also connect your app & website to your social media channels such as Facebook, so now your restaurant has 3 different platforms for your customers to find your business and order your food COMMISSION FREE!

Get started today and see how so many other restaurants that have made the switch have saved THOUSANDS of €Euros by not having to pay commissions anymore.


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Discover how your restaurant can save €thousands on online orders

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